Friday, March 12, 2010

Yet another New look !!!

Georgia guy sent me an article regarding the launch of the Blogger Template Designer on Blogger in Draft. I quickly read it up and it seemed interesting. Looks like Google doesn't want us to go in search of nice backgrounds for our blogs anymore. With this new template designer, we can customize our own templates. And I was just waiting for something like this. I've always wanted columns on either side of my page, to put my gadgets, wanted to change just the background image without changing the other layout settings. And this new template designer allowed me to do exactly that. I'm happy.. I'm happy :) 

So after exploring all the available images and layout themes I finally came up with this. 
How is my new look ??!! :)


  1. Looks Pretty good........ Oh yes thanks for advertising my blog to ur visitors...

  2. Never mention.. and thanx for tht article :)

  3. Love the new look!!Awesome!

    Finally we can design our own background!!!! Phew!

  4. If possible please forward the article to :)


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