Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rendevous with Terry !!!

Now that winter is almost done with its job, I am obsessed to get out on my own and explore. As a first step, I planned to visit my college senior, Terry, who lives in Alexandria, which is like 15 mins from my place. So I called up Terry and noted down her address. Then looked up on the net for the Metro bus time schedule and headed to the bus stop, which is right in front of my apartment, and voila, there was the bus, just on time as scheduled for the stop. I was amazed at the punctuality of these city buses. Back in India, I sometimes used to wait hours together for buses. I really dont know if we even had a site to check out the bus schedules. All we could do is to go to the bus stop or bus stand and check with the information booth there. But later, I started calling JustDial and ask them for the bus depot's telephone number and check for the bus schedule. How I wish we had a well updated website to look up for any bus' schedule and how I wish they were on time at every stop. Hmm... 

Coming back to my story. My bus came exactly as mentioned in the time schedule and I hopped on happily. I spotted a little coin machine just next to the driver and asked him for the fare. He said it was 1.45 USD. So I took out a 2 dollar bill and inserted in that machine's mouth and was waiting for it to give me back my balance 55 cents. I waited for a couple of minutes and inquired the driver about it. He coolly replied it wont give me back my change and that I had to insert the exact amount. I "Aahh"ed to myself and thought I learnt something and headed to a seat as close to the stop strings as possible. So after around 10 to 12 mins my stop arrived and there was Terry waiting for me in the bus stop. 

Aahhh... It was so good to see her after such a long time. The last time I saw her was in my college hostel four years back. I remembered her as this short-thin-bespectacled senior with cropped hair who is always spotted with a couple of books. But now, look at her. Gained some weight, well grown hair, and for the first time in my life I saw her without her books. But she is still sweet :). We exchanged hugs and the usual "How are you?", "How is life?" pleasantries and started talking which went on for hours together. We had four long years of stories to be exchanged. A couple of hours are definitely not enough. So we've decided to meet again and this time in my place. Waiting to meet her soon to continue our chat. Of course we both have phones, but nothing like meeting in person. Right ??


  1. You had so much to say about India abt waiting for buses for hours together. But you never praised India for giving the right change or atleast fighting for the right change that we should receive after getting the tickets. :)

  2. Oh yes... I could have included that :) thanx for your say about it :)

  3. Hail Sundaravadivel. Sometimes our bus conductors don't give back 50 paise even though I look at them hard to get the change. SO much for India.

    Sukanya neenga Tamil? I am from Chennai and a Tamil.

    Now for the post: Meeting someone in person is the best. No substitutes for that.

    I am glad that you met your friend and spent some lovely moments.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and writing nice insights. I appreciate that.

    A lively weekend to you,

  4. @Susan: Yes Susan.. Me from chennai and a Tamil as well :)
    And you know what my friend came to my place yesterday..we had a good time..
    And stopping by your site is one thing that Im doing regularly these days Susan.. you really write things which are debatable, things which are perceived differently by different people.. Thats the art of blogging indeed :)

    Keep writing..


  5. Hey Susan. You are absolutely true. Our conductors are like that only.. :) Thats y i commented "or atleast fighting for the right change" :P . we never give up even for 50 paise but sukanya had to sacrifice 55 cents, that too silently :)

  6. Ah yes, I totally agree, meeting in person is the best.
    Unfortunately , that is luxury I simply can not afford, with both my family and friends living many hours drive away.;)
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog,


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