Monday, March 29, 2010

Flirty Fingers !!!

Nail art is the practice of painting and designing fingernails and toenails. This creative art form requires wild imagination and creativity. It has indeed become a fashion statement today. Some sources say that nail art trace back to 3000 BC. The first nail polish of this age was originated in China. Various products like gum Arabic, gelatin and bee waxes were used to create Nail polishes and nail lacquers. Now with improvement in science and technology fashion freaks have come out with variety of nail coloring and designing ideas. Nail lacquering, nail painting, nail decoration and nail piercing are some different nail art ideas, which are popular all over the world. We all need a break from the always neat and clean nails. Dont we?? 

The first time I came to know about nail painting was in Chennai Citi center some three years ago. There were so many stalls put up for celebrating women's day. And one of them was a stall for Nail painting. I was totally amazed by the artist's work and immediately offered my fingernails for her to show her creativity. It was not that difficult actually. She had different acrylic paints with her, used a tooth pick for painting her designs (she painted a beautiful pink flower on my nails that day). Allowed them to dry for few minutes and then applied a transparent nail lacquer on top of the dried nail design. Thats it. In just a few minutes, my finger nails had a totally new and beautiful look. From then on, I started trying my own designs, now and then and they have come out pretty well. Even you can try this at home. We have lot of designs available in the internet too. If you want professionals to do your nails, there are dedicated nail parlors available everywhere. They offer different types of nail painting like acrylic, 3D, glitter, crystal stone and hand painting. 

So What are you waiting for ??  Go ahead and give your fingers that pretty & flirty look :D


  1. Hmmm.. not the kind of girl who likes this stuff.. so no comment. :|

  2. I loved this post. I had one about nails some weeks ago and I really love nicely manicured nails.;) This nail art is simply gorgeous.;)

  3. No way, I would spoil my nails like those in the picture. I like well kept nails but art on them would not allow me to wash vessels, clothes and cook.
    Guess the art is for someone who do not use their hands enough!

    Take care Sukanya and joy always :)


  4. @Susan : Of course Susan, we cant afford to have it everyday. But its definitely a pretty thing to do on special occasions :)

  5. Agree Sukanya... if you love it go for it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog (s) and leaving your lovely comment...most kind:)


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