Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So finally...

So its become three months since I moved to the US after marriage. I thought moving to a new country, getting used to a new culture and taking a break from work for sometime (Yes I quit my job to relocate. But this is only for sometime. Will be back in action soon :) or so, hopefully) will be a good change. Yes, it is good in its own ways, but I'm missing something somewhere. Connecting with people. Yes, I miss talking to people, interacting with them on a daily basis. Winter played a major spoil sport for me in this aspect. But this is not going to continue. The climate is getting better day by day and Mr.Winter is all set to leave way for the beautiful lady Miss.Spring. 

Yesterday, the major part of the day was sunny. I wanted to feel the warmth of the sun and so stepped out to the balcony of my fourth floor apartment. And it was a lovely sight. Mommies bringing their little ones back from school, couple of boys were skating in the parking area, an elderly lady (should be in her sixties) who had just finished her grocery shopping was unloading her things to a trolley, a lady was taking her baby for a little walk in the park, a teenage girl wearing a mini-skirt (yeah, a good sign of winter end :D) was going out with her mom somewhere. And finally I noticed the that the remaining snow on the street ends were melting down erasing all signs of winter :)

So where am I getting to. Ahh...Yes. So this means I can go to the park from now on, may be with my book, and start interacting with people who are finally showing their existence. Its always nice to meet and know new people. And I'm looking forward to connecting to the jantha in my building. Will update more on this soon.

Have a great day all of You !!!

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  1. I think I can relate how it is to move and live in a new country.;) There is something missing indeed. Always.;) And that is a fact that I have learned to accept.
    Wonderful place and how interesting that our thoughts about Lady Winter and Spring are so very similar.:))
    Thank you for your visit and a kind comment,


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