Saturday, August 6, 2011

The next phase !!

Hey guys. How are you all doing? Is anyone even visiting this page? Someone listening? I know I've been so mean to my blogspace and its almost four whole months since I posted something. In fact, I came inbetween and tried to write a few words, but just couldnt get anything complete. No, its not work this time that took all my time from blogging. Something else. Something nice actually. Something that really changed everything in my life altogether. Something to look forward to. Something that makes me move to the next phase of my life. So did u guys guess already? Yes? No? Read on !!

So we found out sometime in Feb.. We were happy and excited to see what we found... but I was not able to believe it for quiet some days until I really saw it happening. And that was when we went to my first trimester nuchal screening and saw that there is a tiny little being within me :) After all seeing is believing right? And that was the moment everything came sinking into me. What we were seeing was for real. What the doctor was telling me was indeed true. Oh yah!!! Im going to be a mommy!! How cool is that? It was such a joy to see my lil one floating up and down, moving its tiny arms and limbs. And the best part was to see and hear the baby's heartbeat. That was such a precious and priceless moment. You should have seen my hubby's reaction. He couldn't believe what he was seeing either. He was totally speechless. Words aren't enough to say how immensely happy we both were. And ever since, its been one roller coaster ride. Joy and excitement about the baby's arrival, fear and anxiety about becoming a parent soon along with all the mood swings the pregnancy hormones are causing, the food cravings, the nightmares and yah, the baby's rock and roll inside me :) Its definitely fun planning and preparing for the baby's arrival. And I've almost crossed three fourth of my pregnancy. So I just have to hang on for few more months before I could hold our lil bundle of joy. 

And it gives me immense pleasure in sharing this big news with all you guys.  
Couldn't just wait for the baby's arrival and to experience the mommyhood and all the madness that brings !! :)

Picture Courtesy: Internet