Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Look !!!

I was totally jobless today and so I thought i'll pay a visit to my blogs. The moment I opened my page it clicked that its time to give it a new look. I wanted it to have a nice, crisp, fresh, cheerful look.

I wanted it to be the cutest blog on the whole blogosphere. So as always i ended up googling for "blog backgrounds". Guess what !!! There really was a site called TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock and it was the first one to be listed in the search.

I was like.. Omigosh...I thought it sounded cool and quickly opened that page. And there it was. Hundreds of page backgrounds for blog-spots. Then I started checking them one by one and finally found this sweet and nice and cute and lovely and pretty background for my page :)

So now, isn't it really the cutest blog on the block ??? !! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The first weekend of 2010 !!!

We were invited for a new year eve's party by one of our family friends back in India. They reside here in Monmouth, NJ. So we thought we'll pay them a visit and celebrate th new year's eve with them.

They had invited all of their friends and families. And to my surprise all of them were Tamilians :) It was so good to see such a huge Tamil crowd after almost a month. It was more like a potluck dinner and get-together. There were no young couples. All of them were big mommies n daddies in their forties... so i had no other choice but to hang around with the ladies.... ladies are ladies....they kept talkin about the jewels they were wearing, about the dance classes they put their daughters in, about how bad the winter is this time compared to the previous year, discussed some food recipes, this that blah blah.... I, like a nice chamathu girl, just sat with them, smiling and nodding whenever needed :) Then there were the gentlemen on the other side drinking n dancing n having fun... the kids were on their own world playing pool and wii games. After a while the dancing session began and all the ladies joined their men to dance and they made us also dance for a while... I guess the last time I remember dancing was on my college hostel day :) Then we had food followed by a photo session, like it happens in every other party.

By the time it became 11 55 PM all of us gathered in the TV hall to see the NYC ball drop live... They passed champagne and cola (for those who don't drink which also includes me :) ). It became 11 59. The countdown began. Everyone of us started shouting 9..8..7..6... and wwhooosshhhh.. the TV went off... someone had set a reminder to record that event live :) :) There was big sigh from the crowd. But anyways .. then we wished each other with a toast ... and there were hugs and hand shakes everywhere. It was different new year's eve for me :)

We stayed their for the night and the next day we left to my friend Nivi's place. It is always so good to meet up with one of your bestest friends after a really long time. It gives you that nice warm feeling and obviously takes you back to the good old days. We spent the rest of the weekend with her. We were roaming in the streets of new york in the midnight, went to the Empire state Building and had a bad view of the city. Yes, the view was bad as it started snowing heavily. Lesson of the day - Don't step out without checking the weather. When we were in the ESB, I was reminded of my visit to the Eiffel. ESB was nothing compared to the Eiffel. That was definitely the best :)

The next day we went ice skating :) It was the first time all of us were trying ice skating. Awwwww.....That was so so cool...I fell down the moment i stepped into the ice rink.. So did i was happy that i dint fall alone :) We were trying to move for the first 20 mins holding the rails... but then slowly we tried without it... and it wasn't tht bad... we were able to move on our own... Nivi or my hubby would fall down and i'll laugh at them and loose my balance and i'll be down next :) It was so much fun that night.

Straight after that we went to watch 'Three idiots' that night. We managed to find seats and were sitting there munching pop corn, waiting for the movie to start. A tall figure waved at me from a row in front of me. I looked up to see who it was. And I was like, I know this guy. And then after a fraction of a second, I jumped up my seat in surprie. It was Suchi, a good friend of mine from college. Was so good to see him there after a long time. Wait. Am not done yet. So after talking to Suchi for a coupla minutes after the movie, we all moved towards the exit, only to encounter another surprise. But this time in a smaller package. It was Prasanna Balaji. He too was my classmate in College. He was more surprised than I was :) Spoke to him for a coupla mins too and headed straight to home. Can a day be any better ?? !!! :)

It was altogether a happy new year's eve and weekend for me !!! :) :)