Thursday, December 17, 2009

Was a happy good 2009 !!!

It’s good to be back on the blogosphere :) After a real big hiatus, I should say. Almost after 6 months. I am back now and good to start all over again !!! There’s so much I wanted to write about which I eventually dint do. So here’s a sum up of all that happened in 2009, all that I would like to recollect, rewind, look back and cherish.

My year started in the blogosphere. Yes, I launched this blog page in Jan 2009, with a hope of posting as many blogs as possible. But I din do justice to my page, which am hoping to balance out this year with more blogs and updates :) U can always hope for better things u know, never gonna cost much :)

I was conferred with the ACE award (this was in the month of Feb) at my workplace which is supposed to be an excellence award, to recognize and reward outstanding contribution to the project every quarter. But reward and recognition was never a term known to my project management, as far as I know. It was usually done like a roll call and this month seemed to be my turn and there it was all mine. There were so many times I remember contributing some quality work to the project earlier but the awards for those quarters were given to someone else who were sitting atop the list for many years without the ACE, so it had to be theirs according to the law !!! Some things never change and can’t be changed and so was this reward system. Anyways so that’s an important event of the year ladies and gentlemen. The ACEd month of the year !!!!

The one thing that I always loved about my work place was that it was really close to my house. I want you guys to get a picture of how close it was. My apartment was right behind my office building. No kidding here. The only thing that was separating my apartment from my office was that huge compound wall. They were adjacent buildings. There were so many times when I had waved Hi to my mom (who will be in the kitchen) from my office parking lot. I used to have my morning coffee at my balcony waving at Raji and Soundariya (the early birds of our team) seeing them park their bikes :) It was jus a minute’s walk from home to office. What more do you want in life. While I was enjoying this luxury, I got the saddest news in the last 3 yrs. My office was shifted from the busy GN chetty road to the deserted SEZ in Siruseri. There was no more walking to office, there was no more afternoon naps at home when there is literally no work, there was no more sneaking out of office for a just-like-that shopping in pondy bazaar, there was no more going back to home to get the Swipe card/Mobile/Wallet that I had forgotten to take, most of all, there was no more going home for that nice hot mommy’s lunch !!! My team mates were so very happy, not because the office is being shifted to some far off-out the city location but because I had to TRAVEL(Give the word a little more stress) to office like all of them!!! I was blessed with such lovely team mates, after all :)

Waking up at 6 o clock in the morning to catch the office bus at 7 became an adventure sport to me. But thank god for giving me two responsible friends Alex and Govind. They were always there to hold the bus for me whenever I was late. And it’s a record that I hadn’t missed my bus even once. Things became really hectic and monotonous. I hadn’t had a proper vacation in years then. Suddenly the idea of taking the family to an overseas holiday trip struck my dad. He always wanted to take his girls on a foreign trip before he handed them over to someone :) And so we were headed for a week’s trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Ahhhh... It was such a welcome break from work. Lovely trip it was Which added another memorable page to the book of my memories.

2009 seemed to be the year of the knots. Yes I am talking about the nupital wedding knot. Many of my friends got engaged or married in 2009. So it sorta increased my parents’ blood pressure too. My horoscope took trips through so many astrologers and so-called Nice boys’ families. Fortunately or unfortunately Mr Guru was favoring me then it seems and so my dad was so ambitious in getting me married by 2009. He was a focused man, I know. I was a lucky girl, you know!!! So yes, I got married to this lovely person called Raj in November 2009. To more about how it all started and how we got connected to each other please visit :)

After my wedding I had to relocate to the US of A, where my husband works. So I had to quit my dear first job. My workplace was like my second home. I have had so many memorable moments there. Late night slogging, Coffee break gossips, Friday lunch outs, first onsite trip, pointless team meetings, even pointless appraisal meetings, what-are-they-talking-about CEO open houses, the intra-DC Anthakshari/Rangoli competitions, the inter-corporate throwball matches, the Chennai Marathon run, the 2 month German training and the list is endless. I had made some real friends for life. It was naturally tough and difficult to leave all of them but I was even more excited to step into the next phase of my life. So there I was, giving a pause to my career and moving ahead to step into my wedded life.

More posts on my new life coming soon... :)
Overall, it was a lovely year for me !!! Was a happy good 2009 !!! :) :)