Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food, Family and more !!

Sundays were and are pretty special to me. The one day I tend to spend my time mostly at home with my family. Everyone seem to be busy in their own world the rest of the week. But Sunday is our day, family day!! My sis and I usually woke up late on Sunday mornings. By the time we brush our teeth, mom would have prepared hot coffee for my sis and Masala tea for me. Mom's tea and the Hindu's Sunday Magazine. The perfect combination to start my Sunday with. And then there would be Mahabarath playing in DD and Arattai Arangam in Sun TV and a list of other TV programs following. My sis and I would be glued to the TV. By this time dad would have finished his morning walk(a couple of hours before, though) and read the Hindu from the frontpage to the sports column word by word. And mom would be ready with breakfast. Mostly it will be steaming hot Ven pongal, Vada and Sambar or poori masal. These two were the favorite Sunday breakfasts at my home. And the aroma of food would fill the house. And dad would rush to have a quick shower. And he would come back and try to make us have a shower too before we all had our breakfast. But his super lazy daughters wouldnt budge. He will finally give up shouting at us too. And then it was breakfast time. I love Sunday breakfasts. The only day when the whole family has breakfast (and the rest of the meals mostly) together. We'll all have some stories to share and it usually ends up in some fun filled conversations.

Last weekend I suddenly missed being home. Especially the Sundays. Mom's tea, the Sunday magazine, the TV shows, family breakfast, and definitely the conversations!!  But I thought I could still make it work, try to relive those moments again. So I rushed to the kitchen and prepared Ven pongal and Sambar for breakfast. (Which will otherwise be pancake, toast or some sandwich) And sat down with hubby dear, my now family, and enjoyed the Sunday breakfast that I missed while telling him the whole story behind the breakfast that he was having. And then he in turn shared his memories about his Sundays with family and friends. And that was a perfect breakfast with some lovely conversations. 

So I finally had my Sunday memories back and I'm sure to create some more!!
After all, life is what you create. 

Do you guys miss such things?
What was the best family time of your childhood?
Share your stories. I'm listening :)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back after a short break!! :)

Hey guys, How have you all been?? I can hear some of you saying "Oh, so you are still alive!! ??". Yes, Yes!! I, very much, am. Been stuck with too much work last month. Pardon me for disappearing without any notice. Too much work pa!!! I was working on weekdays and weekends through. I was up and working even on some sundays till 11.30 PM. Seriously.. I cant believe I did that... But yeah, things are normal now and I am back too :) 

Gosh, I missed this space so much!!! I even sat down and tried to write a post, only to get distracted by the thoughts of the pending task and Action items at work. Glad that phase is over and last weekend was good. I dint have to work and it felt so good!!! Got to watch some movies, did some real cooking, called some friends back in India and spoke to them for hours together and skyped with my parents and in-laws and watched the missed episodes of Grey's Anatomy S7. So that really felt like a real weekend!!! Climate is becoming good too. Winter is almost over here and the sun has started to shine some more!! Kids started playing outdoors, Moms started taking their babies for a walk in the parks, long over coats and scarfs are seen no more, while skirts and caprice take control. Yay!! Spring is here (okay, almost)!!! 

These are some updates from me. So what is happening in the blogland?? What did u guys do last weekend?? Update me!! :)

And yeah, Happy Women's day folks :)