Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food, Family and more !!

Sundays were and are pretty special to me. The one day I tend to spend my time mostly at home with my family. Everyone seem to be busy in their own world the rest of the week. But Sunday is our day, family day!! My sis and I usually woke up late on Sunday mornings. By the time we brush our teeth, mom would have prepared hot coffee for my sis and Masala tea for me. Mom's tea and the Hindu's Sunday Magazine. The perfect combination to start my Sunday with. And then there would be Mahabarath playing in DD and Arattai Arangam in Sun TV and a list of other TV programs following. My sis and I would be glued to the TV. By this time dad would have finished his morning walk(a couple of hours before, though) and read the Hindu from the frontpage to the sports column word by word. And mom would be ready with breakfast. Mostly it will be steaming hot Ven pongal, Vada and Sambar or poori masal. These two were the favorite Sunday breakfasts at my home. And the aroma of food would fill the house. And dad would rush to have a quick shower. And he would come back and try to make us have a shower too before we all had our breakfast. But his super lazy daughters wouldnt budge. He will finally give up shouting at us too. And then it was breakfast time. I love Sunday breakfasts. The only day when the whole family has breakfast (and the rest of the meals mostly) together. We'll all have some stories to share and it usually ends up in some fun filled conversations.

Last weekend I suddenly missed being home. Especially the Sundays. Mom's tea, the Sunday magazine, the TV shows, family breakfast, and definitely the conversations!!  But I thought I could still make it work, try to relive those moments again. So I rushed to the kitchen and prepared Ven pongal and Sambar for breakfast. (Which will otherwise be pancake, toast or some sandwich) And sat down with hubby dear, my now family, and enjoyed the Sunday breakfast that I missed while telling him the whole story behind the breakfast that he was having. And then he in turn shared his memories about his Sundays with family and friends. And that was a perfect breakfast with some lovely conversations. 

So I finally had my Sunday memories back and I'm sure to create some more!!
After all, life is what you create. 

Do you guys miss such things?
What was the best family time of your childhood?
Share your stories. I'm listening :)

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  1. The pic looks yuuummm!!

    Oh so many stories to share.. one being the family dinner. I remember my sis used to declare she doesn;t want to eat something I would follow.. and my mom gave angry look to her.."what is the need to tell her you won't eat it?" :P

    And I had the trouble keeping my glass of water safe.. It would trip and the water would reach my father plate! :d

    Loved your Sunday post Sukanya! :D

  2. Hmm... yes... even i miss those good old sundays! Especially Mahabharath on DD :) That was one thing even we never missed! Sunday was always a get-together day with relatives... Now everybody's spread across the world and busy with their own lives. Sunday get-togethers happen only once in a while now :)

  3. :)
    How sweet! Even we wuld watch Mahabharat on TV on Sundays. Oh and dinner table discussion of news - that was a HUGE deal!

  4. Pongal+vadai+sambar+thenga chutney is one of my favourite breakfasts. How I love POngal. Our special breakfasts were on Saturdays as Sundays we go to Church and so sometimes time becomes a contraint. I miss those sessions as I am away from home for work. After reading this post, I want to desperately have pongal :( many people don't like pongal as they call it 'sleeping dose.' Eating pongal makes one feel heavy and sleepy but it does neither for me. Ah, I forgot the coffee after the pongal breakfast.

    Joy alwaus,

  5. Even if I miss weekend meal times at home, there's no way I am replicating them where I stay :P will require lot of effort, especially for breakfast...

    MOm used to make aloo-puri on sundays :) and apple milkshake... It was yum...and then everyone wud sit together n gossip... :D

  6. Sundays always used to be special - the only day when we would eat together, watch TV and have leisurely conversations. DD National was an integral part of our Sundays. :) I miss those days now. The pic is mouth-watering! :)

  7. What a beuatiful, candid post.;) I can so relate. Sundays, and overall weekend breakfasts were the best when I was growing up. We would sit and talk until the breakfast almost turned into brunch. Even after I moved out on my own, I still used to come home for Sunday dinner when I lived in the same city as my parents, but that is now almost 25 years ago.
    I love the way you end this post, as you so get it - it so very true, you and your husband now crate your own traditions, the ones that your children will one day recollect.
    Beautiful read,

  8. Wow! Looks appetising! Have a lot many memories...and when I reached a point where I just couldn't live without them, I asked my mom n dad to come live with the husband and me for a while. They came! Yey! ;)

    And thanks for activating this :)

  9. Sundays have always been special, both when I was a kid and even now after marriage. Having very busy in work parents gave us kids time to enjoy elaborate breakfast mainly on weekends and the continues at my home even after getting married :)

    Though I try my level best to make everything mum used to make for us, but still I can never compete with her kind of taste :)

    What a wonderful post that filled my mind with countless beautiful memories :)

  10. Ohh that image made my tummy grumble!

  11. Ohh i miss those sundays too.... And yummy pic :)

  12. @Sam: Hey thanks Sam. And good to hear your Sunday Stories too :) It reminded me of the zillion fights I had with my sister in the dining table :)

    @Chandana: Ah, good to know you were a fan of Mahabarath too :) Oh yes, get-togethers with relatives now happens as a planned meeting :( People are too busy these days!!

  13. @Preeti: Yay!! Another Mahabarath fan!! :)

    @Susan: Another chennai-vasi who never says no to Pongal :) Filter coffee after Pongal haan :) Nice!!

  14. @Ash: Aloo-poori. Oh my God. Mouth-watering. Moms are always the best cooks for us, right??:) Gossiping on Sundays with family and friends is bliss!! :)

    @Ajay: Yes Ajay. I couldnt even imagine my childhood sundays without DD :)

  15. @Zuzana: Thanks Zuzana:) Glad to know that you enjoyed your Sundays with your family too. And Im so looking forward to hear such stories from my kids (once I have them :)).

    @Scorpria: Wow. You really asked your parent to come live you?? And they did?? Lucky you :) And thanks for letting me know about the Name/URL thingy :)

  16. @dialoguewithyou: Thanks CB. Oh yah!! Moms are the best cooks in the world!!

    @Pepper: Welcome here!! Hope to see you more often :)

  17. wow ...Great to see a Indian blogger n typical south Indian dish. Every weekend we used to go out somewhere and spend time but now its totally upside down ..thx for refreshing my childhood days memory ..n i m following your block check out my site

  18. @Sheril: Hey Sheril, Welcome here and thanks for the lovely words :) Glad you liked it :) Checking your blog rite away :)

  19. Back to Blogging after a big break

    Hope yours is always fabulous and fantastic


    COol blogs

  20. Really tends to eat those pongal with chatini sambhar and vada

    Still watching Mahabratha in DD?

  21. long time no see???what's up???


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