Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back after a short break!! :)

Hey guys, How have you all been?? I can hear some of you saying "Oh, so you are still alive!! ??". Yes, Yes!! I, very much, am. Been stuck with too much work last month. Pardon me for disappearing without any notice. Too much work pa!!! I was working on weekdays and weekends through. I was up and working even on some sundays till 11.30 PM. Seriously.. I cant believe I did that... But yeah, things are normal now and I am back too :) 

Gosh, I missed this space so much!!! I even sat down and tried to write a post, only to get distracted by the thoughts of the pending task and Action items at work. Glad that phase is over and last weekend was good. I dint have to work and it felt so good!!! Got to watch some movies, did some real cooking, called some friends back in India and spoke to them for hours together and skyped with my parents and in-laws and watched the missed episodes of Grey's Anatomy S7. So that really felt like a real weekend!!! Climate is becoming good too. Winter is almost over here and the sun has started to shine some more!! Kids started playing outdoors, Moms started taking their babies for a walk in the parks, long over coats and scarfs are seen no more, while skirts and caprice take control. Yay!! Spring is here (okay, almost)!!! 

These are some updates from me. So what is happening in the blogland?? What did u guys do last weekend?? Update me!! :)

And yeah, Happy Women's day folks :) 


  1. O so u r back in action! :)
    Welcome backkkk!
    and though the last few weekends sounded crappy.. u made up for all that this weekend :) na?
    and Grey's anatomy!! I <3 u for watching that :)

  2. Hey Sukanya, welcome back. i did wonder why you were not writing. Glad you are back.

    Happy womans day to a beautiful woman I know.

    Always Happy

  3. Interesting blog and thoughts you got going on there!! Check out my blog sometimes when you get a chance. If you like my writing and what’s on there become my follower!

  4. at the end of every tunnel there is a fresh flush of positive light :) so you got that and your weekend was light and fun-filled,happy for you!!!

    though work comes first but you missing in action makes us sad too :P

    welcome back and ab posts likhna shuru kar do :)

  5. Welcome back! :D
    I am not back yet, though! :P
    And you watch Greys! Hugs!!! :)
    I missed half of Season 7. Will be back next week, and will watch all episodes back to back! Yay! :)

  6. And I just checked out your blogroll! I havn't updated in a MONTH! Chah. Need to be back soon.

  7. Missed you!! Glad you are back! Nice to know all is well now and wow.. that was a well spent weekend! Yay to that!Hmm.. hoping you will post some pics of spring too. :P

    Do you watch Big Bang Theory? or Lie to me? Just curious.

    What did I do..? Lot of things.. finished college.. now in the process of finding a home before joining work. And yay! I will have an complete apartment for myself! :)So already planning on how to decorate it and all.. Sitting with mom making lists of what to buy and all.. crazy times!
    Meanwhile.. you have a lot of posts on my blog you need to catch up with :d

  8. Nice to see you back and with yet another new and lovely look to your blog.;))
    Thank you for always stopping by my place and leave the most kind comments.;)
    As you know I have been on a short break too, but I am sure yo agree sometimes our real life needs attention. But then when it gets it, it is nice to return to our life on-line again.;)

  9. You know what... i did that for a whole year! Working weekdays and weekends continuously.. And now that i've moved to a new job i cant believe i did that for so long!!!

    Thanks for the comment :) will follow u for sure..!

  10. Haha welcome back... even I've been having no time to give to my blog entries :( need to think of something fast!! :P

  11. Welcome madame:

    Glad to have you in the loop again. Hope the break was well-deserved.

    The new look is quite refreshing to the eye and soothing as well :)

    Hope to see posts now on.


    Joy always,

  12. @S: Thanks :) And yeah, Grey's Anatomy is always the best !! :)

    @AH: Thanks much AH :)

    @Linhy: Thanks Linhy and Welcome!! Will definitely check your blog. Do come back :)

  13. @Scribby: Thanks Scribby. Oh sure. Im all set to post more :)

    @Preeti: Thanks Preeti. Hugs to u too :) Will never get bored of Greys :) Hope you watch all the episodes you missed :) And yes, you shouls start writing soon :P

    @Sam: Sam!!! I missed you too.. Yeah saw so many updates from you. Will definitely catch up on all your posts. Glad you are stepping into your next phase of life. Trust me you are going to love it as as independent working women!! You'll have your own money to spend :) And No i dont watch Big bang. Watched Lie to Me now and then, not regularly though.

  14. @Vish: Thanks Vish. Welcome here and hope you'll come back more.

    @Zuzana: Hey Zuzana. Thanks :) Always a pleasure to stop by your blog. Yes, real life sometimes seek more attention from us :)

    @Chandana: Welcome Chandana. Glad you are out of your long working hours. Hope you are having fun with your new job. You work for Travel & living?? Really?? Lucky gurl!! :)

  15. @Ash: Thanks Ash. Yes, yes. Get your writing pad out!! :)

    @Susan: Ms Deborah!! Thanks & Welcome. Long time lady!! How have you been?? Will have to catch up on your posts too !! :)

  16. Glad that you're back. :)I thought you left had blogging altogether.

  17. @Ajay: Oops. No No... Im not going anywhere without letting you guys know :)

  18. Good to see you back... Now keep updating this space :)


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