Friday, January 28, 2011

Calm after the storm!!

After the storm!!
We had a snow storm the day before yesterday. It started to snow lightly around 4 PM and became heavier as the day closed to the night. There were weather alerts everywhere and people were advised to be back home as soon as possible. B, my husband, called me around 4.30 PM to let me know that is he is leaving office. I was more than happy to know that the man will be home within 40 mins and thought we both could spend this beautiful white evening together. I wanted us to have a nice hot cup of tea and sit by the balcony windows and snow-gaze the whole evening. So I waited and waited and waited for the him to be back. It became 6 PM. And I waited for some more time. It was 7.30. I could wait no more and dialed his number. It went straight to the voice mail box. Probably his battery was dead. He had left his charger safely home. So I had to wait till he came back. The evening was already turning dark and was leaving way for night to settle in. And the snowfall became intense and the parking lot had already accumulated 3 inches of snow. The clock ticked 9. And B is still not back and that dint seem good to me. I couldn't reach him and it was around 5 hours since I last heard from him. I started to panic and called Archana to know if she is back home at least. She was on the roads for the past 6 hours and not even half-way through. Looked like the whole Northern Virginia working crowd started to head back home from their workplaces at the same time, which caused a huge traffic block in every highway possible. She told me the traffic was terrible. There were cars skidding in the snow glazed roads, accidents every 2 miles, some ran out of fuels and pulled over to the shoulder lanes, and she herself almost bumped twice into the car in front of her. Its seriously crazy to drive in snow. So it seemed like B was also held up in traffic. I cursed the mobile battery so much for dying out when we needed to converse badly. And I was prepared for B to get his share for leaving the charger at home. And then I made dinner and was catching up on some tv shows. It was 11.00 PM and I heard something that sounded like a thunder. I saw a bright blue-green light for a second and boooooommmmm. There was a power cut. So then I realized that we are actually facing the storm. And I looked out of my window and the snow was still pouring down heavily. Archana was still driving and B was definitely going to take more time to get back home. So I decided to hit bed. I heard someone banging my front door. And I checked my mobile and it was 12.47 AM. And opened the door to see poor B all tired and hungry. The man had been driving for more than 8 hours, for a drive which usually takes max 40 mins. We could have actually had a drive to New York and returned back by this time, on a normal day. Whatever it is, I was happy that he returned home safely.

The Snowman we made!!
The snow storm actually left us 'power'less for the next whole day. No power, no internet, and of course no work. All the mobile batteries died off. And tell you what that was definitely a day with no disturbances or distractions whatsoever in any form. And that was good. We went down to enjoy the power outage. Had a good time throwing snow at each other, running around and falling down. Archana and I made this snowman. He is cute, ain't he?

I see these lovely white snow flakes pouring down the sky as I write this post. I just cannot keep my eyes off the window. Such a pretty scene it is. It feels so magical and it always reminds me of fairy tales when I see a snowfall. It is never too boring to see a snow fall right outside your window, even if it is after a huge snow storm which kept you waiting for your loved one to be back!!!


  1. Awwwwwwwh.. The snowman is damn cute. Love the way you gurls set the leaves for buttons!

    Snow,eh? Wow. I wish I were there to experience it first hand though I could already smell the wet sidewalks & damp leaves... Sigh..

  2. @HeavenlyBohemian: I know, leaves for buttons was so cool right. Credits to Archana :)

  3. so finally u had a nice time together....good... all is well that ends well :)
    ”poor sanyiaa”

  4. The snowman's buttons are definitely innovative. I liked the hair too. Cute.

    That sounds so scary!Glad you and your dear ones are fine.

    btw.. like the new dp pic! :)

  5. This must be the most dashing looking snowman I have ever seen.;))
    Your poor husband! I have once been driving from Denmark to Sweden for Christmas, to be with my parents, in a snow storm. A drive that usually takes 3h, took 11h. I was exhausted. It was not just the drive, but also the tension and the stress of not knowing what can happen.
    In 1993, when i lived in the US, me and my friends were visiting Washington DC and were caught in a snow storm that became known as "Storm of the century". So I know a few things about storms - but as you say, at one point you just give up and enjoy the chaos.;) And you did a great job at enjoying the snow.;)
    Have a great weekend dear friend,

  6. The snowman looks so cute and stylish too... :D
    How I wish I could experience snow once... :)
    Glad that everything ended well :)


  7. Bad time pass away.

    Cute snowman. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Nice blog.:) Soothing template. :)

  8. U r in for a lot of adventure (considering this post and the last one) Those 8 hours must be sooooo tensed for u! Am glad all's well.

    That snowman is awesome. Like a chich snow Woman :P

  9. The snowman's awesome! :D
    Loved it!
    Glad you guys are safe and well! :)

  10. Thanks guys..

    Glad you all liked the snowman just like we did !! And yes, that power outage definitely turned out to be so much fun for us!! :)

  11. Glad you all safe and well. Loved the new look of your blog. Pristine and white as snow. :)

    PS: Seems like Google is conspiring against WP by creating problems in commenting on Blogger pages from WP account. :D Therefore the link would lead to my abandoned blogspot page.

  12. @Ajay: Yup. I tried it last time and it took me to your blogger page :)

  13. Awesome snowman and I absolutely love those maple leaf buttons :)
    Take care :)

  14. @dialoguewithyou: Thanks :) And welcome here!! :)

  15. Definitely must have been scary...but still all's well that ends as well na :-)

    BTW following ur blog now...added u to list...!

  16. Hey Ash.. Good to see you here!! Keep coming :) And yeah that was one scary night !!

  17. what a post..could feel your anxiety this side !

    good that B reached home safely though after such a tiring drive !!

    The snow man looks super cute :) and yes a day of from the Internet and phone sure leaves you with other good things to do in life :)

    Nice blog here :)

  18. Hey Scribby,

    Thanks and Welcome welcome!! :) wish to see you more often.


  19. I'm so happy you are ok. and the storm is over...

    Have a great weekend my dear friend, cheers: Evi

    Ps: Thank you so much for the beautiful message you left on my page! It means a lot.


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