Monday, January 17, 2011

The Wrong Turn

Last week, thursday to be precise, I was getting ready for my Yoga class and was waiting for Archana (my friend & neighbor) to call me. We usually go together. She was a little late from work that day and it was already 7.25 PM by the time we started. Our class commences at 7.30 and it usually takes us 12 to 15 mins to reach the fitness club. I got a little worried that we were late for the class and started to drive in that mindset. And this made me miss the right turn that I had to take to the club. So I continued to drive and took the next right assuming this will join the road to the club. And Archana was already panicking as we entered that road and that got me to panic too. Let me tell you why. The road that we were driving on was in the middle of a huge graveyard. Turn anywhere and all we could see were graves and headstones. And the place was so dark and dull. Their were no streetlights and we couldn't spot a single living being on that road. Some graves had blinking LED lights on them and that was super creepy. So we took another turn from that road hoping to get off that place as quickly as possible, but in vain. We came back to the same road and that was more scary. And Archana started to blabber more in fear. She even said, 'Should we turn back and see if someone's there in the backseat?'. Guess what, I actually checked my rear view mirror, (by this time we joined back to the main road) and the lights from cars behind created an illusion as if someone just vanished off the back seat. Baahhhhh. That was one helluva ride and we were so relieved when we got rid of the spooky graves. And then we finally made it to the yoga class by 7.45. Missed our warm ups by then. But still, it was totally worth it. Archana and I badly needed this session to calm ourselves down!! :)

That was a freaky Friday.. uhhmmm.. I mean Thursday !! :)

So...Have you guys taken any wrong turns?? Scary drives?? Got lost in the middle of nowhere?? Share your story.

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  1. haha...''someone in the rear seats??''..haha

    yes, I have entered wrong turns but never near a cemetry...I wouldnt make it live out of there if I were to get lost near a grave yard in the dark...

    start early next time so that you dont miss the important turn in the road..

  2. That was interesting to read although I can sense ur emotions. Have taken wrong turns umpteen times but not anywhere near graveyard. Maybe this experience would make u to be more alert next time. Take it easy!!!!!

  3. Lol! Someone in the rear seat was damn funny!
    But, of course, I can imagine how scared you must have been! :D

  4. :O
    Somebody is eating my comments off your blog!! This is the second time I commented something long and it is missing :'(

  5. Yes, I have taken many wrong turns and have gotten lost, many times.;) Symbolically and for real.) But doesn't that make for the best stories.;))
    Love to get lost...

  6. Hehehe, some experience!
    And no, not had one , and neither do I want one! :o Thanks, but, no, thanks!

  7. Lol... It was a fun read... I too have ended up into some silly situations taking the wrong turns... :)


  8. @AlwaysHappy: Yes AH, that was the lesson learnt :)

    @Ms.ChitChat: Welcome again Ms.Chitchat. Good to see you. Yep, will definitely start early next time :)

    @Preeti: he he :)

    @Sameera: Oops.. Im sorry about that. But no clue how that could happen!! :( Are you sure you posted ur comment?? :P

    @Zuzana: Love to get lost haahn?? :)

    @foreverinbluejeans: Yeah, lucky you :)

    @Tanishka: :)

  9. Someone in the rear seat! That thought always crosses our mind in such situations. I remember once I was returning home after calling on my friend. I so was lost in my thoughts and I was just driving.. Suddenly I found everything so unfamiliar and I was totally lost. I didn't know where I was. It was so scary because I couldn't think how I'd landed there. Finally I regained my composure and traced back to the place where I had lost my way. It was such a big relief!

  10. @ Ajay: I totally get it.. It is such a relief when you finally see some place that you could recognize :)

  11. very well narrated.... it does happen some times when u r walking all alone in the dark (specially), there comes a feeling that some one is there behind you, and occasionally it becomes scary too...BTW be careful next time while turning, other wise who knows there might be actually some one on the rear seat....hehehehe :)

  12. @IRFANUDDIN: Thanks Irfan. "there might be actually some one on the rear seat" now this really scares me :P

  13. this happens with everyone
    good post

  14. hey.. lovely post.. guessing it must have been one helluva ride for a few mins.. thank u for sharing! :)

  15. @sm: Thanks SM and welcome!!

    @vinitha: It was really scary till we got off that road :) And Welcome to my page!! :)

  16. " POOR SANYIAA " my new post.... have a look plz.irfan’s

  17. @Irfan : Coming there right away!! :)

  18. hahhahhaha...
    we all are smiling and laughing here at this post, I can only imagine how scary it would have been for u! :)
    and yea.. rear seat "joke" was really fuuuuuny :P


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