Friday, January 7, 2011


Have you ever wondered how time flies these days?? It seemed like the week just started and look the weekend is here so quick. Why is that?? We are so packed the whole week that we don't realize the days moving by. There are also those days where we wish we just skip the new few days and fast forward to move on. This happens when we encounter things which we don't want to handle. There are some other days when we are just stuck with something without a solution. We are already stuck with the situation and now we cant escape without a solution but we wont know how to respond to things. This they call 'STRESS'. I have encountered this 'n' number of times in my life. For instance, when it is just few hours to enter the exam hall and I have one whole unit to study, a very strict deadline at work and stuff like this. Sometime when I am stressed out I mess up things in a relationship (be it with parents or friends or spouse). Not that I'm stressed out now. It was just a random thought that came up with and I wanted to discuss it with you guys. Different people handle stress differently. In there own ways. 

Stress doesn't get better by itself. We'll have to find a way to get out of it. I generally take a time out when it is related to work. And playing 'bejeweled' always relaxes me and calms me down. And then I come back fresh to solve my issues. Sometimes some music i love to hear anytime will do the trick. Sometimes I just dont think of the time line in front of me and take my time to think of a solution and it works like a charm. When I come out of it, I try not to get myself stuck at the situation again, by planning things better and ahead of time. Not that I'm perfect at it the next time, but it does really help. 

So I wanted to know how do you guys handle stress, if at all you are stressed out. 
So talk to me. What works best for you ??

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  1. Who in this world is NOT stressed !!
    stress or no stress.. i always want the weekend to come by soon :P
    About 'tips' on handling stress.. i might be the wrong person to speak :D i become absolutely QUIET.. and try not to think abt it.. I think one of the things I do to release stress is Facebook stalking :P hahahaha.. i take time out to be nosy and see what's happening in others' life :) heehee..

  2. I think we all get stressed, some just get stressed over smaller things than others and some actually handle stress better than others do.
    I get stressed easily therefore I avoid situations that make mes stressed and I have learned to plan my days and my weeks so at least I only get to experience stress that is beyond my control.;)
    And I guess we have to accept that stress will be part of our lives, from time to time.;)
    Happy New Year dear friend,

  3. I take a long walk. Talk to friends. Talking gives me some kind of relief. Or I take a good head bath.. snuggle up in my bed switch off the lights to avoid being disturbed and stare into nothing while thinking it through.

    There should be some grounding activity for everybody.

  4. @S : lol... facebook stalking to release stress haahn.. interesting :) And thanks for stopping by S. Really appreciate that. Do visit often!!!

  5. @Zuzana: Very true. Everyone have their own way of handling stress. Good to hear that you plan things ahead of time. That really helps.

    Thanks for the wishes and wish you too a very happy new year Zuzana.

  6. @Sameera: Yes sam, shutting off all the distractions and thinking through the situation all over works sometime. I have done this a couple of times too. Thanks for stopping by and wish you a very happy new year dear!

  7. Hey Sukanya,

    Look, I am here...

    Time never passes as quickly as when it is running out. When you look forward to something with excitement, it appears to be never coming around quickly and when you want some phase to pass off quickly, the time never passes by....

    Stress!! happens is unavoidable. STRESSED read backwards is DESSERTS...when I am stressed at work, I try and go to the canteen or vending machine and grab a Chocolate times though, there isnt a chance to nip to the canteen or vaneding machine...then I take few deep works absolutely the end of such hectic days, I listen to some soft music.Talking to my parents is the best stress relief for me for any non work related stress.

  8. Sukanya, did you get my previous comment?

  9. I am bad at stress busting too - i cannot control it - it grows and then there is a massive outburst - with some sort of placation from the dear ones around and comfort food I bounce back :D

  10. For a moment, we all thought that it is you in the pic who had turned like this after getting stressed that 'n' number of times!!

  11. @Always Happy: So desserts and music it is for u. Nice. And yes, talking to parents is always a stress buster. Especially moms :)

    Thanks for stopping by and do visit often.


  12. @Yuvika : lol.. comfort food :) So how have u been yuvika?..long time!!

  13. @Feroze: Yo!! welcome.. wat a surprise?? Hoz you??

  14. Good food, good music and a rom-com on TV! That's how I handle stress.. :D

  15. Listen to some LOUD music! It calms me down :) Ironical, but the noise seems to make all the other stress puny and useless!

  16. @Preeti: Welcome!!!!!! Glad to see u here. So food, music and TV it is... nice :) Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch.

    @foreverinbluejeans: Welcome to my page dear!! Loud music do throw away everything that keeps pricking us. Good to know that. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you more often here!! :)

  17. every human is bound to be stressed 1 way or one can avoid stress... most important part is how one handles it, i normally listen old melody songs with almost maximum volume possible for abt 20 mnts and get relaxed... MAY B THE STRESS GET PASSED TO MY NEIGHBORS IN DOSE 20 MNTS..... but who cares....:)

  18. @Irfanuddin: Welcome!! Glad to have you here. So loud music again!! Good to know that people prefer loud music to squat away STRESS. I prefer soft music in my headphones. Just music and I. No one else to distract me!! :)


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