Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happily ever after !!

Last month when I was in Tampa, I had been to the Curtis Hixon park in Downtown on a Saturday evening with some friends. It was a nice park alongside the Hillsborough river with comfortable lounge chairs, picnic tables, neat pavements and well manicured greens. And the jumping fountain adds to the beauty of the park. A good place for a nice get together. Hold on. Now this post is not about the park. While we were in the park, we saw something else happen. 

A bunch of bridesmaids beautifully dressed in maroon gowns and their men in neat suits were happily walking in the park's pavement with a champagne glass in everyone's hand. And then came the pretty bride in her special white wedding dress with her fiance in his crisp black suit. We waved at the couple and they waved happily back at us. Ahhh. They both were so perfect and the whole wedding party seemed very cool and casual, it suddenly created a festive mood there. They were heading towards the amphitheater near the park (where the actual wedding took place). And in less than 15 minutes they were heading back to where they came from. There was a nice black limo waiting for the newly wedded couple. And the couple rushed into the limo while the rest of the party waved and cheered them and then they were gone happily. This wedding that just happened before us was one of a kind for me and everything was over in less than thirty minutes. And there were only the wedding couple, the bridesmaids and their men. That is it. A total of 14 people and a photographer. Aint that cool ?? !! :) 

Saves so much time and confusion preparing the list of guests, invitation, venue, food, this, that, foo, fah!!!

Have you witnessed any such cool or 'out-of-the-ordinary' weddings ?? 
Would love to hear about it!!!

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  1. Sukanya,I attended an English wedding in August 2010- only 20 people were present that is including bride and the groom and both sets of parents.All the siblings of the bride and groom could not make it...perhaps thats y rest of us got a chance to attend the wedding! wedding was over within 20 - 25 minutes and the groom nd the bride left the venue to proceed to the reception party!Even for the reception,maximum number of guests was 40 (i think).

    I had spent more time than the entire wedding time to get ready. Was disappointed that the wedding got over so sooooon for all the efforts tht I had put in setting my hair/make up etc..

    Nevertheless, it was a good experience to see the happy couple enjoy the best day of their lives.

  2. Very true. Its definitely a good experience to see and enjoy the happiness of the newly wedded couple. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, my own.
    It was heavenly.
    I remember walking to where the wedding was located from my hotel room just a few steps away and everyone waving to me and toasting me.
    It makes me smile just to think of it.
    It was in Jamaica with just our witnesses and us under a flower filled gazebo with the blue sky and water behind us. It was perfect.

  4. Awww... how sweet.. The wedding location itself seems to be so romantic. And one's own wedding will definitely be special to them :) Thanks for sharing Margaret !!!

  5. I happened to chance upon one in Schuamburg (IL), not more than 25 guests on a bright sunday morning at a beautiful park along the lake - wonderful!

  6. This seem like my kind of wedding.;) What a beuatiful event to witness. I love when i come across experiences such as these, that make such an impression and stay with us. Perhaps this was a symbolic event, you should pay attention to it, it might mean something.;))
    Great post.;)

  7. @Yuvika: Ah, nice. Park, lake and a wedding. How beautiful!!

    @Zuzana: And yes may be i should think more on those lines :P. Glad you liked the post Zuzana!! Thanks.

  8. I have never attended such a wedding but would love to attend one sometime... :)


  9. @Tanishka: Welcome!!!!!!!. Glad to have see you here. Keep visiting !! :)

  10. Ooh, that sounds like such a nice wedding! :) But no, I haven't yet been to a simple affair like that!
    Oh, and I love the background pic!

  11. @DI : I hope you get to attend one soon.. its totally a nice expereince :) Glad you liked the background pic :) Thanks!!

  12. I wish weddings happened in India like that. Why can't people keep it simple, brief and private? I like the background pic.

  13. That sounds like out of movies! :)
    I wish I get to see something like that some day!

  14. @Ajay: Welcome!! Yes just think how much time, money and effort we could save if Big fat Indian wedding were simple like this!! And glad you liked the background. And Ajay, I just sneaked thru your comment in S's post and im going to use ur suggestion for implementing nested comments here too!! Thanks for that :)

    @Preeti: Welcome again Preeti. Yeah, 'Out-of-movies' was exactly how it seemed like!! :) Was a real good experience to witness such a thing :)

  15. My boyfriend is christian and I had (have) all these fantasies of pretty wedding.. but... :-| Indian christian weddings are so boring and plain!
    hmph..!! *sigh*


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