Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Look !!!

I was totally jobless today and so I thought i'll pay a visit to my blogs. The moment I opened my page it clicked that its time to give it a new look. I wanted it to have a nice, crisp, fresh, cheerful look.

I wanted it to be the cutest blog on the whole blogosphere. So as always i ended up googling for "blog backgrounds". Guess what !!! There really was a site called TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock and it was the first one to be listed in the search.

I was like.. Omigosh...I thought it sounded cool and quickly opened that page. And there it was. Hundreds of page backgrounds for blog-spots. Then I started checking them one by one and finally found this sweet and nice and cute and lovely and pretty background for my page :)

So now, isn't it really the cutest blog on the block ??? !! :)


  1. Yup its cute, sweet, lovely, nice n pretty :)

  2. ennada edho adi vaangama irukuradhuku solra maadhiri solra!


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