Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Amateurish attempt !!!

Both myself and my husband are from families who do not eat non-veg. They are very particular about us being strict vegetarians. But my dad is an exception to it and he is okay with his kids having non-veg in spite of my mom discouraging it. I started having non-veg after joining college. I still remember that Wednesday night when I was sitting in my hostel Mess for dinner. It was Chapathi and dhall in the menu and chicken will be served additionally for Non-veg students. I was so bored of eating that same old bland dhall and was instantly attracted to that spicy-looking chicken gravy that was in my friend's plate. So I tasted it that night and yes, you guess it right. From then on I became a fanatic chicken lover. And so is my husband. He loves chicken too.

So one day he bought chicken tenders and asked me to cook it for him. But i have never ever tried cooking non-veg at all. So this would be my first time and so i thought of making Chicken Kurma in a way my mom taught me to make Mushroom Kurma. I just replaced mushrooms by the chicken. Fortunately it turned out to be pretty good for a first timer !! :)

Then the next week, when i totally had nothing to do, i was googling out for some chicken recipes. And I found this -

This is a blog page where Mrs.Solai Chidambaram has put up some amazing recipes in a very simple and easy to follow manner. This page not only has chettinad style non-veg recipes, but also has lotsa recipes for the veggies. I had already tried two of her recipes (Chettinad chicken and Vegetable Pulav) in two days and they were a hit !! :) So i couldn't simply resist adding this link to the 'Pages I visit'.

So if you guys want to cook some authentic chettinad food, please do visit this page and you are sure to get the original recipes from Solai Aachi !! :)


  1. Hi - I just found your blog, and I really like it!

  2. Try Pepper Chicken and one of the Mango ginger curry. They are awesome too..

    Your site is definitely cute :)

  3. Thnx Madhu. Will defly try them too :)


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