Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Women's Day !!!

We are Gorgeous,
We are Ambitious,
We are Courageous,
We are Adventurous,
We are Fastidious,
We are Mischievous,
We are Outrageous and definitely
We are Precious.

This is a day just for us.

A day to respect, appreciate and celebrate all the achievements of women. 

A day dedicated to the all wonderful women out there who have somewhere, somehow been a reason for someone's success and for shaping up someone to be person they are today. 

A day to simply celebrate the glory of a Woman.

Here's to the care of a mother, love of a wife, obedience of a daughter, warmth of a sister and support of a friend

Here's to the gurlie gossips, shopping and fun..

Here's to all the lovely ladies out there..

Happy Women's Day !!!

I am proud and happy to be a Woman :)
Cheers !!!


  1. Hey Happy Womens day. there is a story abt the Women's day, ask Raj abt that...

  2. Happy Women's Day Sweetheart !!!


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