Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things that make me happy!!!

I was randomly reading the blogs that i follow and one of them had written a blog that listed the things that made them happy. And i took the lead from there. 

Here are the little things that had made me happy and will make me happy, and i have listed them in no particular order :)
  1. Dark chocolates in all forms
  2. Dresses in BLUE
  3. Eiffel Tower
  4. Disney's "Just like we dreamed" parade song and of course the parade
  5. Mango pulp and Litchi juice
  6. Movie with friends
  7. A Walk in the college campus with room-mates after dinner
  8. Ceramic miniature dolls
  9. Throwball tournaments
  10. Talking to mom for hours together
  11. Waiting for dad to be back from work on Saturdays for the Samosas from Shree Mithai
  12. To write and receive long emails
  13. Pondy bazaar Shopping with sis
  14. Sitting in the beach, gazing at the sea
  15. Listening to my sister's exciting stories about my niece
  16. A hug from my niece
  17. Coffee break gossips with Suja
  18. My Govind-Alex-Suja-Sukku Coffee mug
  19. Sneaking out from office with Suja on her Scooty for a Pani Puri from Gangotree
  20. Kleio G-A-S-S meetings
  21. A call from Nivi when I'm really sick of being bored
  22. Comments in my blogs
  23. Long weekends and Extended Vacations
  24. Surprises in all forms
  25. A good comment on my cooking from my hubby
  26. Long drives
  27. Singing aloud when Im alone
  28. A nice-hot-long shower
  29. Video chat with parents and In-Laws
  30. A nice hug from hubby and listening to a quick summary of his day at work
  31. Working out in the gym while watching my favorite shows on TV
  32. Watching a snow fall from my living room
  33. Visiting Old friends
  34. Making new friends
  35. That cute-innocent-sweet-happy smile of a baby
  36. My room/house after its all cleaned up, of course by me.
  37. Peeking into others photo albums in FB/Orkut
  38. Wedding news from dear ones
    I just realized that the list is endless and I will stop here.

    So what are the little thing that make you happy ?? 
    Use the comment space :) 
    Remember, comments in my blogs make me happy ??? :)


    1. Wow I'll take the honor to write first comments in your (this) blog.
      Here I go,
      1. My foremost thing will be spending time with my own friends, obviously you know who all r that.
      hmmm... wait I think it is better to save this list for my blog, which I might start in another few years (I hope so!)
      I too agree that how much you'll be happy for the 22nd point in ur list.
      Yep 25th is really special to you...... no comments about that!
      27th - Glad that you wanted to do it when u r alone! heee heee - Sorry I cannot help......
      34th - I don't want to comment about this, but I feel the acquaintance period doesn't even exist in our friendship, because you know most about me even before I met you.... thanks to Baki sorry Raj who mad it so easy, no I should thank you to take it really easy :-)
      Ok, as you said I think it is better to stop now.

    2. Wow nice to hear that u r planning to start ur own blog...why wait for few more years... do is asap...
      And Yep.. as u said, we shd both thank Raj, for we became friends in no time :)

    3. I already have a blog, but I seldom write my own content

    4. It is nice to have so many things to make you happy! You shouldn't worry - it is a good thing.

    5. What a nice list, this was. And I feel happy to make you happy with this comment from me. Again the places are all so familiar. Well, here are some of mine:

      1. Listening to music endlessly on Youtube
      2. Digging up information about songs, artists, etc.
      3. Idling
      4. Writing blog posts and reading comments
      5. Listening to the rain
      6. Fantasising
      7. Staring at the sky
      8. Moving my body in no particular rhythm
      9. Smiling at myself in teh mirror
      10. Walks in the beach

      There are many more, dear Sukanya.

      Thanks for allowing me to share this.

      Joy always,


    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable comments.