Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking back !!!

It was April 2008. I was in Germany for a short term project assignment. I was staying in a nice cozy hotel in Friedrichsdorf. There were couple of more colleagues with me there because of whom I dint miss home much. We all worked for different projects. So we dint know each other before. Got introduced to each other there and became the best of friends in those few months. After work, we all used to gather in one of our studio type rooms, cook together, have dinner together, then sit and talk for hours together, sometimes have coffee in the middle of the night, watch movies next to next or just sit and listen to nice music. The whole hotel will be in deep slumber while we roam in the common balcony for a little walk. We will be totally jobless that we used to put on some nice skin refreshing facial mask at those odd hours. Those were the best days of my life. Those were the days I worked so much and those were the days I enjoyed thoroughly. That was my first international trip. Everything was foreign to me. But only for the initial few days. Then as days went by I started liking every bit of it. The beautiful German houses, the very comfortable Deutsch Bahn trains, the lush green mountains, the lovely old castle of Cochem, the Audi and Volkswagens, the Saturday trips to Frankfurt, their no-honking traffic system, my very first croissant, my first snow, the tulip gardens of Holland, Madam Tussuad Wax Museum in Amsterdam, my memorable trip to Paris, the very happy Disney Land of Paris, the cute dogs that always accompany their masters anywhere and everywhere they go, the neatly dressed up men and women, and the list goes on. I came back home with loads of memories to cherish. Here are few clicks from my trip !!

So why did I suddenly write about this incredible trip of mine?? 
I was reading Zuzana's post about The easter bunny, which took me back to my days in Germany. It was easter time and where ever we turned we saw easter trees and dyes eggs. So we decided to try our hand at making an easter tree. And we ended up making the one seen in the picture below. Though it was not as good as the others, we had so much fun making it. It still was the best for us :) And that was my first easter bunny chocolate, which I dint break for a long long time, since it was just too cute !!!

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  1. I was curious to know what is all about this Easter Egg and Easter Bunny, luckily I watched this SouthPark episode ( yesterday and it was quiet funny.


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