Monday, March 1, 2010

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya !!!

The Storyline is a very realistic and happening one as we can see day-to-day examples of Karthik and Jessie in our own lives. Karthik (Simbhu), an engineering graduate who aspires to become a film-maker falls in love (at first sight) with his house owner's daughter Jessie (Trisha) who is an IT professional. Jessie, who is from an orthodox Christian family, refuses to accept Karthik's proposal. But Karthik, an ardent lover as he is, continuously makes attempts to convince her. Jessie who is unable to make a choice is confused in choosing between her family and love. Will Jessie convince her family, or will she leave her family back for her love, or will she sacrifice her love for her family? We'll get to know at the climax of the movie.

Simbhu, has definitely improved his acting skills and looks a little matured in this movie. But his dialogue delivery is not up to the mark in some scenes though. His overacting and over-reacting hinders his performance as always. But he is far better in this movie compared to his previous ones.

Trisha, gets a very chamthu-ponnu role in this movie and has done justice to her role. She was awesomely good looking throughout the movie, especially in most of the scenes that she comes in Sari.

A R Rahman's music as always is a great plus to the movie. The title song 'Hosannah' and very emotional 'Aromale' were truly striking.

Gautham Menon is known for his own style of narrating the story. At the end of the first half of the movie the director makes the audience wonder how the next half of the story would be. In the second half, when the audience sigh in relief for what seems to be the climax, he brings a twist in the tale and starts all over again to give an altogether ending. Though  it seemed to be a totally new approach of expressing how there could have been two different climax for the movie, the very lengthy and slow paced second half tests your patience way too much.

Manoj, the cinematographer of the movie has done an excellent job. He has beautifully shot every scene and has wonderfully captured the loveliness and magnificence of various spots like Kerala, New York and our very own Chennai.

In my perception,Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya is not worth the wait !!! Though the movie had its own flaws, it can be watched once in theaters for its various pluses as well :)


  1. interesting - i'll have to check it out!

  2. Good Review! The slow paced second half was the only negative that i can say. One thing i liked to appreciate in this movie is i felt Gautham tried to express the love in reality. Most of the movie just brushes the sweet and happy side of love but doesn't have the courage to hit the other side. The inconclusive state of a women in love was well portrayed
    No hard feeling for me to use the word "inconclusive", its just my perception..


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