Friday, April 9, 2010


Sometimes we have to experience things which we would never thought will happen. Sometimes everything that we see looks weird. Sometimes everyone will be around and still we feel lonely. Sometimes things we were longing for will be just next to us but still not reachable. Sometimes opportunities knocks us at the wrong time. Sometimes in life we end up with a situation where we have to decide certain things right there without further delay. Sometimes we are forced to take up certain decisions which we dont like to take, but have to take because of the roles and responsibilities that we hold and because we need some stability in life. Sometimes all those good buddies in life will be totally unavailable when we really need them. Sometimes things we were promised of never happened. Sometimes the world out there will be bustling with activities but we will be standing still. Sometimes we have so many things lined up to be done, but something that ruined our sleep that night will hold us from all those chores. Sometimes we are afraid of taking the next step ahead. Sometimes we feel like slapping that person right across their face for the not-so-sensible sentence that they uttered when we badly needed some words of wisdom.

There have been so many of these "Sometimes" in my life  and all I said to myself was:
"Be Calm. This too shall pass."


  1. I think it is Baki's time to take you out somewhere this weekend.... .get re-charged guys, you know what better drive to Atlanta, have fun and then go back :-)

  2. Ha ha. Drive to Atlanta.Good One. But this has nothing to do with me getting bored. This post had been in my draft for quiet a while, even before I came here.

  3. Life is like that. But the funniest part it when the tough time does pass as it always does you look back and think.. what was the big deal! LOL!
    I have trained myself to think- nothing is without a solution and all decisions made are always the best we could do.

  4. Oh, I am sorry you feel a bit down and heavy issues weight around your heart. We all have moments such as these in our life. But your last sentence is very true.
    Here is to a very fast passing.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Thanks Sameera and Zuzana for those lovely words..

  6. Sometimes you just have one of those days and sometimes you just need to be by yourself and think.....I hope your day is full of hope and sunshine tomorrow Sukanya! I could totally relate to this post...thanks for stopping by and commenting on mine :)


  7. everythign we get or happens cant alws be good and fair....blv and trust in life is imp...Be
    Do find time to visit my blog...


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