Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Absent Minded Me !!!

Yeah!!! My post title says it all. Of late Im being really absent minded. Not that I used to remember things really well before. Duh. I forgot how my cups of water I had poured, seconds ago, while cooking rice yesterday. Today morning I was discussing with my hubby about the chores that I had to do and the bills that I had to pay. We ended up with four tasks. Till now I remember only three of them and still thinking of the fourth one. I know that I will remember it sooner or later, but it is really frustrating at that moment.  Sometimes I used to keep some really important document in a 'so-called' safe place. But when I need it on an emergency, I have to struggle for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes before I actually find it. I easily get distracted when Im on a call with someone, that I sometimes forget things which I actually wanted to convey. Sometimes we tend to let things slide.

Now that I really have the time to do something about it, I did a little study on the internet about what is really causing this absent mindedness.

Dr. George Grossberg, director of geriatric psychiatry of St.Louis University school of Medicine, says that the temporary "tip of the tongue" forgetfulness is the change that usually happens as we age. But Im not even 25!!!

Sometimes people become forgetful because they are on a sensory overload. Really?? Sensory overload. Huh ??? 

Some say distraction and preoccupation is one main cause of being forgetful. Wait. Playing this 'Cafe World' application in FB counts for distraction or pre-occupation??

There were much more causes like poor friend circle and even cultural change. Whatever it is, I am going to get over this negativity by following some simple remedies.
  • Make a note of everything, to do in a post-it note. However small or less important it may be, things which has to be done should be done anyways right??
  • Do not procrastinate things which you can do right away.
  • Exercise your body, says Dr.Grossberg, for it increases the 'feel good' endorphins and improves our mood.
  • Exercise your mind. Okay so I guess I should take up some new activity to give my brain some work. How about revisiting the little German lessons that I took ?? Sounds good right :) 
Am sure absent mindedness is pretty common in most of us. Actually nothing to worry. But we can avoid the momentary frustrations if we come over this negativity. If there is a way that you follow to remember things, please do share :)

Have a great day all of You!!!.


  1. Yeah.. I agree with Yuvika here.. Take it easy!

    No.. don't do that write everything on post it. It wil be more troublesome and you'll end up looking like the girl in the pic. LOL! Okay.. not funny.. now the serious part.

    Keep a fixed place for everything that is important. Like a shelf for keeping bills, your what to do and when to do diary. I guess this will solve half the problems. :)

    About cooking.. focus.. till all improtant steps are done.

  2. Oh yes, love your new blog background, so happy and colourful.;)

  3. Truly enjoyed this as this could apply to me. And in my case, age is definitely a factor.;)
    I am totally noting the advices you share here; I think writing things down is the only way to go for me these days.;)
    Have a great Friday,

  4. @ Yuvika: Definitely :)

    @ Sameera : Totally agreeing Sameera. Focusing is the only remedy as far as cooking is concerned. And Im definitely taking your point about keeping fixed places for everything. I hope I remember those places properly :P

    @Zuzana : Yes, writing down sure makes things less complex and thanks for your compliments Zuzana about the blog background :)

  5. i think u r an artist .. coz artists , philosophers , thinkers and the most absent minded people :P

  6. Absent Minded,
    I call that as an excuse for not doing simple things properly :)

  7. @Jha : Would love to be. but am definitely not an artist :)

    @Vijay : No ways. I wouldn't take that. Absent mindedness is definitely not an excuse. At least not in my case. Everyone don't forget everything every time. Just that now and then people get overstressed or distracted with something that they tend to forget their usual stuff.

  8. .. and any progress now ?? how are the post-it notes coming?? I am a chronic note-maker myself.. It amuses my husband for no-end that I make notes in all my free-time :) itz my fav hobby... once he read my notes- and amongst my other valuable notes, I had written - sleep 6 hours - wake up 5 am - and I had marked sleep 6 hours done !!! wake up 5 am - not done !! And he had laughed soo hard, he brought the roof down..

    To this day my husband always steals glances at my notes to see if there is something that could tickle his funny bone... :P

    alas, I have always been a chronic post-it note maker and will always be.. ( I am the female version of Ghajini and I have notes all over the house - on the fridge, behind each door etc... ) Ah .. I should write a blog on this !! lol..

    Anyway, coming back to your question, how is it going for you with the note-making?? do u now remember stuff??

  9. @Navya : Oh yeah.. I always have some note or other on the fridge. And they definitely help :)


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