Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scrabble - Rules Changed !!!

The rules of the world famous word game, SCRABBLE, has been changed for the first time in 62 years, since it was invented and trademarked in 1948. Originally the use of proper nouns was banned in the game. But now, Mattel, the company which owns the distribution rights of SCRABBLE has announced plans to make a few changes to the rules of the game.

The players will now be allowed to use names of celebrities, places and companies. The company believes that the existing players will enjoy this new twist in the game and enable young fans and families to get involved. However, the company will continue to sell the boards with original rules, for players who wish to continue with the old game.

This rule change is definitely going to be fun. I may know a place called "Eachempatti", a remote town in India, which may sound totally bizarre to my opponent. Or my opponent might try some popular Japanese celebrity's name which I would never have even heard in my life.

Whatever it is. Change is good. Always!!!


  1. I read the headlines on the BBC site, but never read the article.;)
    How extraordinary.;) I agree totally with your last sentence (actually three sentences).;)

  2. Sukanya:

    Now that's a great news! Thanks for sharing. I always wanted to use proper nouns but people looked at me as if I was trying to cheat. Now this was way back in 93-94. Well, now they can't do that to me any more.

    Joy always,


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