Thursday, April 8, 2010

Digsby - collected confusion???

Already gtalk, Y!, IM, orkut, facebook, twitter have made our networking really easy but all the more complex. Now someone somewhere has come out with something new. How about all these networking sites and IM and emails together? How about all updates and pop ups in one screen? That's Digsby for you. IM + Email + Social Networks in one application.

It might be fun or might not be. 
It might be useful or might not be. 
It might save us from opening umpty number of browser tabs or it might end up making things all the more complex. 
It might be cool to use to all the networking sites from our desktop or it might get even messier.

Instead of just thinking about what and what not Digsby can do, dont you think its high time we start using it. But, we have to go through the process of getting used to a new application all over again.

Will it really save our time ? 
Check out and share your opinion about this application.


  1. How much Digsby has paid you Sukanya to promote their product. You better own up.

    Well, I did not click on the application. But on a serious note, how much did you get paid?

    Joy always,

  2. OMG... do I sound like their spokesperson??? I actually saw this in my friend's gtalk status. Thats it, no other link between me and Digsby ;)

  3. But now that you have mentioned, I guess I can send this link to Digsby :P


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