Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meeting V...

Its been a while since I caught up with my friends from college. So we decided to meet this weekend for lunch and then a movie. As usual it was so much fun and loads of catch-up stories to hear from everyone. It was definitely a good break for all of us from our hectic work life. And we were happy that we finally made this happen. So much for a get-together, I can hear you say. Definitely. Nobody has time to even run their own life, so its definitely a big deal to fix a common time and venue. Some of us had to even travel from other states. But it was all worth it. So after lunch we headed to Satyam Cinemas.(For my non-chennai, non-Indian readers, Satyam Cinemas is the best cinema theatre in Chennai, the city I grew up back in India).

So after spending almost a day together, we all kissed good bye to each other and parted in our own ways and I walked down the street to the nearby bus stop.

As I was walking I saw someone waving at me with a nice bright smile. And I quickly recognized the face and waved back immediately. That was V, my old school friend. Its been ages since I met her. We've been in touch through Facebook and chat. But that's it. Dint meet her even once after we finished high school. So it was nice to see her in after all these years.  She was still the same V whom I remembered from school. No big change. She was as beautiful and glowing as ever. Nobody can tell that she was married. I learnt from FB that she was back into modelling again and saw her pictures from couple of her shows. She looked like a pro. 'Hey look that's my old school friend', I used to proudly tell my husband. 

Coming back to V. Both of us were equally surprised and had a quick chat about our whereabouts and she offered to drop me back home. So we went back to her car in a parking lot nearby where her dad and sister were waiting for her. V's little sis has grown up to be a very charming young girl and it was good to see her too. V was staying in her parents' place as her husband was on a business trip, I came to know. 

And we continued our chat after getting into the car. 'V, I recently saw your fashion show pictures on FB and you looked super hot and stunning. Good that you are back modelling', I told her. Her father gave me a very suspicious look and turned to V and asked her angrily, 'Whats going on V. What is it that I am hearing?'. V's sister already had her hands on her forehead after hearing what I said and V was having this 'God save me' look. Then V's sister whispered to me that their dad still dint that she was into modelling again. And then I remembered that V initially quit modelling coz her dad dint like her doing it. But now after her marriage, with her husband's consent she started modelling again. I was totally sorry for what I just uttered and V gave me this 'I'll handle him' look. Then she told him something in her mother tongue and he calmed down. There was total silence in the car for ten more minutes and there came my house and I was more than happy to jump out of the car. V came out with me and I apologized for what I did. But V thanked me, coz she anyways wanted to tell this to her dad. I was relieved now. Then I asked her what she told to convince him. 

Before she began to reply, I heard someone opening the door.

My house door???


That was my bedroom door here in the US. My husband was getting ready for work and had just flung it open to rush to the bathroom.


  1. I was so confused when I saw Sathyam Cinemas last weekend which actually forced to read the whole blog right now..........To be frank I thought there was some problem with the blogspot tool and it reposted some old blog again....

    But nice ending! Dint expect..

  2. Inception part 2? ;) i guessed that u were dreaming after Satyam Cinemas.. If u havent uttered the name Satyam, it would have been really a twist in the tail..

  3. It is good to catch up with good friends.;) I have done similar things as you, unintentionally disclosed an information.;) But that just shows that your thoughts are pure.;)
    Hope you have been well, thank you for your kind comment on my latest post.;)

  4. Oye? So did u imagine it all?? Was it all a dream?? Did not get that? By V do u mean Vinu?

    You have gotten me all curious... Love ur writing btw : you got me to visualize all of it, perhaps it is partly to do with the fact that I miss Chennai a lot too and would love to go back...

  5. @Navya: Yes gurl...Tht was a dream I had some days back.. And yes, its Vinu :)

    Jus a few days before this dream I was going thru her FB albums of some of her recent shows... so I guess this dream was in connection to that :P


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