Friday, July 23, 2010

No post in July... Ooops.. Here it is !! :)

Yah yah... I've become all too lazy and certainly no inspiration to blog these days. But then I was just looking at my page and suddenly realized that there were no posts for the month of July. Omigosh !!! How can I let that happen. For July is my most favorite month of the year. I can hear you asking me why. It goes like this. I joined highschool (my dear VV) in the month of July.  One of the best schools I've ever attended. Perfect location for a school (in the midst of a calm and dense forest), lovely teachers, great friends and perfect school timing (7.50 AM to 2.10 PM). I've always enjoyed that 15 min bicycle ride to and from school, with a little chit chat with friends. So thats that. And then I entered college in July and there was no looking back. I have had the most wonderful time of my life there. And it so happened that I joined work, my first job, in July. Met some really lovely people there. Fell in love with technology for the first time of my life. No kidding here !!! Then, I met my guy in July :) Hoz that !! And of course I am July born. So does that tell you why I love this month so much ???!!! :)

So is there a favorite month for you ?? And why ??


  1. Dear Sukanya:

    Welcome again after a brief gap. I had began wondering about your absence. Hope you have been well. I am glad you did not let your favourite month slip by without a post. July must be a rocker for you. Enjoy all the memories and may your weekend be splendid and nice.

    Is your birthday still to come or is it over. Anyway many happy returns.

    You take care and keep posting.

    Joy always,

  2. I agree with you, July is a splendid month.;) I love it too.;) Your no posting means you are enjoying your real life, that is a good thing.;))
    For me it is a tie between June and July, I love those both months the best. And I was born in July as well.;))
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Mine is dec .may b bcoz my both kids are born on dec

  4. @Susan : My bday is over Susan. It was on the 2nd. And thnx for your wishes.

    @Zuzana : Thanks for stopping by Zuzana. And its good to know that you are July born too :)

    @Sameera : Thnx gurl :)

    @Shahana : Nice to know that Shahana. So it must be party time all the way in December for you :)


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