Monday, June 21, 2010

It was a lovely Weekend!!!

It was the most awaited weekend I should say. A very dear friend and her husband visited and spent this weekend with us. We have been planning to meet for a long time, but either of us would be busy and hence end up postponing the trip. But finally, it was destined to meet each other this week. So they decided to work from home on friday and landed here on thursday night. So my weekend actually started then. 

We watched Raavanan on friday and came back with disappointment. It was not the typical Mani Ratnam movie. All his movies, so far, were unique and outstanding. But this one had nothing new. The director told the whole story in the second half, which left a story-less first half. There was no on screen chemistry between the hero(s) and the heroine. And I pitied Priya Mani. I mean, why does the girl always gets roles like this? She likes someone and when she almost come to the 'Happily ever after' part, there comes a twist in the story and she is teared down by raving men and the girl commits suicide. That was sad. There were some pluses to the movie too. The locations were simply beautiful and photography was good. Of Course ARR's music added a little spice to the otherwise bland movie. Overall, the movie was not up to the expectation and definitely not worth the wait. 

The highlight of the weekend was our day at Six Flags America. It is one of the best theme parks here. As expected we had loads of fun in all those thrill rides. The rides were simply nerve rattling. The rides we most enjoyed were the Batwing and the Superman rides. We were happy that we covered almost all the rides. We were so excited and thrilled and were really running around like small kids the whole day. We also did a little rock climbing there and yes, we reached the top, though after a lot of struggle finding our way. It was scary and adventurous. Jumping down the rock was really cool and I enjoyed it. At the end of the day we were all so tired and exhausted. And a fine Thai dinner completed our day!! :)

We were planning to go to DC on Sunday, but none of has had the energy to get up early the next day. So we dropped that plan and decided to relax at home and spend time talking with each other. The weekend just flew away so quickly leaving behind loads of good times to remember.

So how was the weekend for you guys??


  1. The weekend was spent mulling over my thesis dear Sukanya. A nice post with an assortment of many things.

    Wishing you many more lovely days ahead.

    Joy always,

  2. Nice to know you had fun! :)

    I watched Tamil Raavan.. my first tamil movie.. ya I watched it with someone who translated it for me.. Vikram was ohhh my God.. ! Simply irresistible!

  3. That was a great weekend and thanks for that bit on Ravaan. I was in ten minds whether to spend time on that or not, but now I guess I will... not. :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend; it is so much fun to spend time with good friends.;) I never went to Six Flags, although I always planned to. I am actually scared of those crazy rides.;))
    Lovely pictures; I hope your week is as great as your weekend was;))

  5. Hey I saw the hindi version and I thought that was bad and tamil one would be better... Hmm... not likely apparently...


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