Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its Soccer time baby !!!

FIFA world championship tournament is nearing and I am super excited. The previous world cup tournament in 2006, I clearly remember, I was in Pollachi. I had just passed out of college and joined work. We were given a fast track training for 20 days in Pollachi Mahalingam Engineering College. I had made new friends and had new room mates and everything seemed so fresh and lovely. FIFA world cup was on that time and we weren't suppose to watch TV after 9.00 PM. So we all signed a letter to our hostel warden and asked her to permit us to watch atleast the finals. And she couldn't say no :) And we all gathered in that TV hall to see the finals between Italy and France. Man, that was one fantastic game I should say. I wasn't a football fanatic, really. But I became one after watching this game. The penalty shootout which declared the winning team was one nail-biting moment of that final game. So this year I have decided to follow the tournament right from the first match. And yesterday my friend sent me this amazing world cup calender and I really wanted to share with you guys. Check this out and keep track of your matches. My most favorite teams are Italy, France and Germany. 

So what are yours and whom are you supporting ?? 


  1. hmmm post after a long time...good looking background....
    Its just me or anyone else....I feel like the music and first singer voice in the theme song sounds like Indian music.... do anyone agree?

  2. Absolutely, I thought the same when I heard it for the first time. But sometimes African music and Indian music do sound similar.

  3. :) Not a football fan.. never got a chance to follow it because my sister would definitely want to watch something else at the same time. This time lets see.

    Thanks for the calender!

  4. @Sameera: Do try watching. I'm sure you'll not regret it :)

  5. So you are a soccer fan!;) You would love the Danes for sure; there are two things they adore; their beer and soccer (or football, as we call it here).;)
    In fact the students in my lab are so excited, they have arranged a projector and a 50 inch screen so we can follow the matches live as we work.;) I myself am not so much into sports and I will watch the occasional match if I have friends over, but otherwise would not tune into it on my own.;) But I did watch briefly the opening show yesterday.;)
    Enjoy the next month with the world cup.:)

  6. Wow watching the game while you work sounds so cool Zuzana. Am sure you are going to have fun. enjoy!!! :)


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