Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back from my hibernation !!:)

Ahhh... it feels so good to be back... Been a while since I posted something in this space... Well all of a sudden I became too busy. We had some friends visiting us last few weekends and so all that made me jump to a vacation mood and hence became too lazy to think of something to blog :P. So this is what I did all these days.

The first weekend we went went to the historic Colonial Willamsburg and Virgina beach. Colonial Williamsburg has buildings dating from the 1700s. It is an interpretation of the Colonial American era and has exhibits of both authentic and renovated colonial houses, restaurants, workshops, postal office, grocery stores, tailoring shops and more. 

They were either renovated or recreated to give us the picture of the colonial lifestyle. There were people dressed up like they did those days. So for the major part of the day we roamed around these colonial buildings. Then we headed to Virginia beach later that evening. We took a nice walk in the boardwalk, played silly shooting games in the stalls on what seemed like a city carnival. After a while we rented a bicycle each and rode our souls out :) It had been ages since i took a ride in a bicycle. Took me back to my school days!!! We roamed till we were dead tired and headed straight to a restaurant and there ends our day!! :)

One of our friends extended his weekend visit and stayed back to explore DC a bit and I joined him. As DC is known for its museums and monuments, we had a great time "Awww"ing and "oohhh"ing at the exhibts in the museums. I seriously felt Museums are a great idea to know the past and history better. Even though there are lots of information and facts piled up on the internet, seeing things and knowing them has a definite impact. We become kids all over again and try to imagine how things were back then. And that way, information stays better and longer. Don't you guys agree? 

Hmmm, so what else did I do??. Yeah, I saw this amazing book "Martha Stewart's Cookies" while I was browsing the library book shelves. The cookie picture in the cover page made be grab it immediately and I started drooling as I turned the pages. She had listed recipes for almost 175 cookies of different types. Light and delicate, soft and chewy, crumbly and sandy, chunky and nutty, cakey and tender, crisp and tender, rich and dense. Trust me, her pictures inspired me to bake them and I tried Oatmeal Raisin cookies. And it turned out awesome. It was nice and crisp, just like the ones that we get from the confectioners. And Im telling you, baking is not that difficult actually. You just need the right ingredients in the right measures and voila, you are ready to bake. I strongly recommend this book for any one to start baking cookies or to become an expert in the same. 

And the same day we made pizzas. Yeah, home made Pizzas. Doesn't that sound good :) It was my friend Terry's idea. And she had looked up so many recipes and finally found that the one listed in was the most easiest of all. We had loads of fun that day shopping the ingredients for the pizza and cookies, and preparing it together. And the joy you get out of cooking is immeasurable. I always love it when I cook with someone else. Its so much fun cooking, gossiping and giggling :) So at end of the day we played pool having pizza and cookies. That was a perfect weekend eve :) So these were the major (not so major, I know) updates that I wanted to tell you guys.

So what are you guys upto?? Whats happening out there in the blogosphere??


  1. Sounds like someone is enjoying the land and it's many colours. it's nice to go around and get lost in the sights and sounds.

    The idea of a pizza was great. Hungry for one now.

    Hope rest is well.

    Joy always,

  2. Wow! Nice post.. it is like right out of Reader Digest! The kind of weekends and lifestyle the suggest in Readers Digest kinda of books. LOL!

    Jokes apart.. you have fun and I have fun reading about it.

    Cooking definitely most amazing good mood creator!! =)

    Whats happening..? My internship is over.. into final submissions. My sis is getting engaged this 2nd (Yay!!) thats all from my side.

  3. Nice to see you back and it is so good - and vital - with a blogging break to enjoy life.;) And I can see you have, what exciting excursions.;)
    That cookie book sounds interesting as well.;)
    LOVE your new look here, very inviting and pleasant to the eye.;)

  4. @Susan : Yes Susan, its always nice and fun to explore places in a foreignland :)

    @Sameera : Wow internship is over. Thats great. So how did your Amul project go?? And hey congratulations for your sister's wedding. So you must be running around shopping for the bid day haah?? :)

    @Zuzana : Exactly, Zuzana. Breaks are a must to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. And I had a great time :)

  5. Looks like one hell of a costume party :-)
    Martha Stewart!! i love her chocolate recipes :-)

  6. @Vintage Obsession : Oh yes, it sure did :)

  7. Hy Sukanya,
    First time here...very fascinating space you have...loved your interesting posts..Glad to follow u. Do drop in at my space sometime.

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time american experience!
    WIlliamsburg, Washington DC, Martha Stewart, cookies and got it all!!


  9. @Jay: Thanks for stopping by Jay. Do visit more and share your thoughts and comments on my posts.

    @Jeanne: Yes Jeanne. A real American experience I must say. And Martha has definitely inspired me to bake more :)

  10. That was a great read.
    Glad you had fun.

  11. nice at ur blog...liked ur experience

  12. Its go back and have a glimpse at the colonial style.


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