Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yet another new year has jus bloomed…. 2008 has been an eventful year for me…. It was a nice mixed package indeed…. Lotsa good times, bad ones too…. The beginning of a new year always gives me a good deal of hope and anxiety… Yesterday I was jus rewinding the whole last year…. And lot of things kept flashing to my mind… And they were all memories which I never want to forget in my life….. I wanted to record them somewhere….. There were so many instances when I wanted to throw my ideas to the junta, but never dared to do so…. Such a silent soul I am, or I shd say I was…. Will not be anymore…. Blogging was the immediate option that came to my mind…. And that’s the reason I’m here posting my first blog…. About me….


I did my schooling in some six schools and finally ended up completing it in Vana Vani Matric Hr Sec School, IIT campus, Chennai. I graduated from the College Of Engineering, Guindy. (Oh yes!!!... I did). I spent my most cheerful four years of my life in this college …. Life was indeed beautiful with friends around you all the time…. Friends were my everything, throughout my college life… they still are… but definitely the count has increased after college life…. Those were the days I learnt to be independent….

I am now working in a software company. I’m not quite sure if I really like my work…But I can definitely say software is not my cup of tea… I’m not going into more details on my work right now... May be some other time… So that’s that with my education n profession…

I like making new friends…Friends are the ones who keep me going most of the times….I’m blessed to have such a lovely bunch of them… Meeting old friends is something I’ve always liked to do…

On the other hand I like to be alone sometimes… someone rightly said, there is no better companion like solitude

I love playing with colors and blue is my favorite!!!...I guess it was my fifth semester in college when I was so crazy about this color that my wardrobe was filled with blue salwars... Thank the almighty for his creative eye… Colors do refresh me when I’m down… I scribble my name on and on at such times and keep asking me why I should be depressed for petty issues when they are not even worth cribbing for….

My mom is my biggest support system…. She was always there with those nice consoling words…I admire her for her internal fortitude….

My mood swing was never constant….It was always been like the huge tides on a no-moon day….

And I as a person have changed so much from time to time…. When people see me after a long time will definitely figure it out…

My weakness, I think, is taking things for granted and I am really sensitive… trust me… I can’t bare people complaining about me…

One greatest strength that I think I posses is that whenever I am down I bounce back in no time… In a way my strength and weakness complement each other!!!! (don’t they ???)

I’m scared of dogs…… Even a cute lil puppy scares me to death…. I’ll just parry off when they in my vicinity.

I like travelling with friends…. And I just can’t keep my mouth closed (you don’t have to ask me to say cheese…. J ) when someone stands in front of me with a camera…..

So that’s that about me….

Just another girl next door… !!!

Keep visiting to know more… J

Cheers !!!


  1. Welcome to blogspot and its great to start with describing yourself....

    Make sure to continue the habit of periodically writing blogs :)

  2. cant believe even a puppy can scare u.. chi chi! :P

  3. Way-ta-go Suku! Hope to see more posts, more frequently :)


  4. welcome to the blogosphere!

  5. Thank u ppl... i'll try my best to post often....

  6. Next time when i come to meet you, will bring a cute but scary dog... ;)
    The Best of your description is "And I just can’t keep my mouth closed". LOL.. Laughter is the medicine that keeps us healthy always..

  7. அற்புதமான ஆரம்பம், அழகான ஆரம்பம், அதிரடியான ஆரம்பம்....வாழ்த்துகள்


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